Recognized expertise in law associated with the healthcare industry.

The Firm has extensive experience providing corporate advice and is strongly specialized in corporate law, thus allowing an agile and fast response to the needs of its clients, with a high level of professional quality.
Our team stands out for its academic background and excellent professional training.
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Practice areas

Brinda asesoramiento en los más variados asuntos legales de la actualidad empresaria, y en particular en complejos conflictos societarios, negociaciones relativas a fusiones y adquisiciones de sociedades.


The Firm has many years of experience in providing services to industries in the Healthcare Sector.


The Firm provides advice on the most diverse legal issues of the current business world, and in particular on complex corporate disputes, negotiations relating to mergers and acquisitions …


The Firm is prepared to provide highly specific solutions. To this end, we have developed strategies in contractual, labor and corporate matters that allow the prevention …


The Firm has extensive and well-known experience in this area. The service provides quick and adequate answers to the concerns arising from the day-to-day business.


The Firm is a leader in providing excellence in compliance, anti-money laundering and anti-corruption advice, both locally and internationally.