Dispute Resolution. Litigation. Arbitration

The Firm has a strong experience in handling judicial and arbitration litigation, representing clients in a wide range of matters. This expertise gives rise to a systematization of the strategy to be developed, which provides a creative and effective modality of action.
Aimed at the best defense of the client’s interests, we advise the client from the preliminary stages of the dispute, in order to achieve the best course of action for each case. Thus, we support the client in the definition of the legal strategy, the negotiation and mediation stages and the negotiations prior to the beginning of the judicial process.
Afterwards, we assist the client in all the stages of the process, from the filing of the lawsuit or its answer, the production of evidence, and until the final resolution by the court.

The Firm has a proven group of technical consultants, prestigious experts in different fields, who assist the legal team in all stages of the dispute.

The Firm has participated in litigation related to a wide range of matters, including:

Civil liability, medical malpractice, corporate acquisitions, consumer disputes, claims related to the performance of distribution agreements, concession and lease agreements, corporate disputes, bankruptcy extensions and bankruptcy proceedings.

By means of a network of alliances with law firms within the country and around the world, our Firm has a wide coverage that exceeds national boundaries.

Our services in the area

  • Legal representation before Federal and Provincial Courts in the City of Buenos Aires and the Province of Buenos Aires.
  • Legal representation in arbitration proceedings.
  • Coordination of trial representation through the National Network of  Correspondents throughout the national territory.
  • Alliances with law firms in MERCOSUR, NAFTA, the European Union and the most representative countries in Asia.
  • Legal representation in administrative matters, appeals and claims before the national, provincial and municipal public administrations.
  • Legal representation in pre-trial proceedings. Mediation and compulsory settlement.