Why are we different?

The Firm is a benchmark in the corporate law market.
In particular, its law expertise in the healthcare industry is well known.
Consequently, the Firm is in a position to provide the best results, due to the combination of its experience, with its capacity to update its services.

``The Firm differentiates itself by providing the following combinations to the best possible degree``.

  • It operates as a team but maximizing the development and use of the individual capabilities of its members.
  • Its lawyers are young professionals, but with a high level of technical training acquired in Argentina and abroad.
  • Its history, which has over fifty years, is combined with a strong dynamic ability to adapt and innovate, a distinctive feature of its team of professionals.
  • The Firm acts with a high level of quality and professionalism, while maintaining an atmosphere of cordiality and warmth strongly valued by its clients, officers and employees.
  • Unlimited loyalty is combined with the highest standards of professional and human ethics.