Foreign Trade and Customs Law

Our Firm provides legal advice and judicial or administrative defense services in foreign trade matters, particularly with respect to currency exchange and customs issues.

Legal advice

Legal advice on national, international and community public law applicable to the import and export of goods, including consulting services in the following areas:

  • Customs law, dumping, subsidies and safeguards.
  • Tax benefits for the import and export of capital goods.
  • Procurement of certificates of origin of goods.
  • Exchange regulations applicable to foreign trade.
  • Best legal practices for foreign trade.

Technical representation

Technical representation in judicial and extrajudicial matters, including:

  • Contentious administrative proceedings on customs infringement matters or before investigative stage on exchange matters.
  • Appeals or legal proceedings on exchange or customs issues.
  • In the above-mentioned cases, our services include assistance in criminal matters that may be required in cases of smuggling or criminal exchange investigations.