Family Businesses

Family businesses, or “family-owned” companies, pose a special problem due to the existence of blurred boundaries between the company and the family. This particular relationship determines the existence of intra or intergenerational conflicts, and crises arising from the necessary generational transition to which many companies are subjected throughout their history.
In these matters, the Firm is prepared to provide highly specific solutions. To this end, we have developed strategies in contractual, labor and corporate matters that allow the prevention —and eventual overcoming— of such problems.

Our services in the area

  • Reorganization of corporate structures and their adjustment to the family reality.
  • Family Business Protocols. Shareholders’ Agreements. Operating Regulations.
  • Corporate engineering for an orderly generational transition.
  • Management auditing.
  • Corporate Governance.
  • Coaching for family business boards, and training for new generations.