Personal Data and Information Security

Since the enactment of the Habeas Data Law No. 25.326, the Firm has provided advice related to the protection of personal data and information security.

Globalization and the “Information Society” are undeniable realities that the Firm has long been aware of. The importance of information as an intangible asset of companies and organizations makes it necessary to adopt measures and adapt business processes.

The Firm has developed a very active practice in this area, being aware of the requirements and dangers involved in the handling of information. In this sense, it has participated in countless conferences, courses and seminars on the subject, describing the problems and solutions applicable to different industries.
Likewise, the Firm has organized several conferences, among them, the First National Debate on Habeas Data, held at the IAE – Business School of the Universidad Austral –, with the participation of government authorities, officials and leading professionals in the field, providing significant contributions on the application and future regulation of the current legislation.

Our services in the area

  • Survey of the companies’ databases.
  • Identification and selection of databases to be registered in the Database Registry of the National Database Directorate (“DNPDP”).
  • Assistance in the registration of databases.
  • Review and preparation of the diagnosis of the entity’s institutional communications in reference to personal data regulations (web pages and others).
  • Drafting and preparation of contracts with suppliers and clients that comply with personal data regulations.
  • Analysis and diagnosis of the entity’s business processes in reference to compliance with habeas data regulations.
  • Request for approval of data transfer and international data transfer contracts before the DNPDP.
  • Preparation of the Manual of Security and Use of IT Tools in compliance with Provision No. 11/2006 of the DNPDP.